Cannington Haunted Attraction

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A beast lives deep in the woods of MacLeod Park. Every year, this ravenous, blood-sick creature rises from its yearly slumber to satisfy its hunger at Cannington Haunted Attraction. Only when it has gorged itself on the atmosphere of fear, the sound of screams, and the uncomfortable laughs of false bravado can it return to its slumber to wait for next October.

You have to see the evils that await you at Cannington Haunted Attraction to believe them.

Features include two outdoor wooded trails and an indoor barn maze, all of which are transformed into immersive horror-themed environments complete with live scare actors and some shocking surprises.

Side attractions include a mini-escape room, food and craft vendors, and a decorated museum.

Come experience the greatest Haunted Attraction in Durham Region!

Ages 8+, free parking on site.

New This Year: 5 Minute Escape Game!


Face Your Fears

What waits for you in the shadows of Cannington? Is it many legged critters waiting to make your skin crawl and jump at every unseen brush against your ankles? Is there someone out there in the night, hidden behind closet doors, sliding out from under the bed, or just around every blind corner? Is it something unsettling from your childhood coming back to haunt you again or is there a real threat coming right at you? Is the world closing in all around you or is it all in your mind? You'll never be able to say for sure until you step onto the trail and Face Your Fears.

Cemetery of Lost Souls

Greet the gatekeeper on your way into the Cemetery of Lost Souls but watch your step since the grave digger has been hard at work opening plots to welcome new long term guests. Tread lightly as you're visiting the homes of the recently deceased and freshly entombed, as well as the doomed and the damned who are soon to join them. Rumour has it that the undead stalk the grounds, haunting the area around the old mausoleum, littered with centuries of misplaced bones that occupy our resident ghouls. You're welcome to leave after your tour but please come back soon, we would so love for you to come and stay... forever.


Come on up to meet the friendly local butcher in his shop on the hill. Don't ask too many questions about his choice cuts of meat though, or you may end up next in line to lay on the chopping block! Feel free to take a tour of the processing facility but keep all body parts behind the line because production in the grinders never stops, no matter who is in the mix. You'll be hooked! We guarantee satisfaction and welcome all customers like family, after all, you make our Slaughterhouse feel like a Slaughterhome.

Not Recommended for Children Under 8


Cannington Haunted Attraction is open the last 2 Fridays & Saturdays in October, from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm.



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  • $20 per person includes all scare attractions. 
    Tickets available ONLINE ONLY beginning September 1st.
  • 5 Minute Escape Game ($5 - cash only)
  • Refreshment Booth provided by Nourish Community Hub (cash only)


Cannington Haunted Attraction is located at 91 Elliot St, Cannington, ON L0E 1E0.